Driven by Duty

Driven by Duty

Series: Sons of Britain #3

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A woman’s place is with those she’s willing to fight for…

A warlord’s daughter has responsibilities. No one knows that better than Gwen, only daughter and political pawn of her father, Uthyr.

But with her husband banished and her brother gone after him, Gwen isn’t leaving her fate in Uthyr’s hands one moment longer. She has a plan and needs an accomplice she can trust.

Luckily, her lover Elain is the most courageous, loyal, honest woman she knows.


Elain has a secret, and helping Gwen run away will only bring them closer to exposing the truth: that Elain too is the daughter of a powerful warlord—and his only heir.

Now her best chance to give Gwen a secure future is to reclaim her birthright. But doing so would mean confronting the father she fled years ago.

And risking the fragile bonds of the new family she’s only just found.


Meanwhile, Arthur’s restlessness amid the tedium of a winter border camp draws Bedwyr into risks that could inspire men to swear their swords…or destroy the tenuous alliances holding the Saxons at bay.

Driven by Duty is the 3rd novel of the Sons of Britain series, featuring four people whose unconventional bonds will forge the core of a legendary war band…

…and introducing a fifth, whose arrival will change the course of everything.


Tropes: on the run, bodyguard/charge, secret past, found family, surprise pregnancy

Content Notes: misgendering & deadnaming of a transgender character (more information in this author’s note – includes spoilers), killing (self-defense), pregnancy & childbirth


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A long time coming in all the best ways.
-- Rafa, Just Love: Queer Book Reviews
A joy to read all the way through.
-- Donald, Amazon
I'm so in love.
-- Samantha, Amazon
Fun variation on the Arthurian legend.
-- 1tigerlily, Goodreads
Worth the wait.
-- Jennifer, Amazon

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