Disarmed by Desire

Disarmed by Desire

Series: Sons of Britain #7

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Sometimes it’s love at first sight.
This is not one of those tales.

Once upon a time, Uthyr was young and strong, a warrior without peer. He had a son who someday would follow him into battle. A beautiful new wife to ease the pain of losing his first one. And he’d just wrested power from his abusive father to ensure his people’s safety from Saxon invaders.

Fortune was smiling on him. Or perhaps having a good joke.

For just when he thought he possessed everything he could ever want, she arrived.


On that day long ago, Britte was weary and uncertain. Driven from their homeland by a corrupt king, she and her family had crossed sea and mountains to find refuge.

But she hadn’t lost everything. She had a husband she loved deeply. Two healthy sons. A good trade—what village wouldn’t need a blacksmith? And a mind too practical to allow fear to rule her.

But not so practical she could ignore the man who would rule her now in nearly every respect.


Disarmed by Desire is the 7th novel of the Sons of Britain series.

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