Charmed by Mischief

Charmed by Mischief

Series: Sons of Britain #5

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A restless rogue. A virgin with a secret.

Sometimes fate demands a little shift in perspective…


Safir has a life most men would kill for. Adventure! Glory! A different partner in his bed every night! …Until his coin runs out.

Which happens with alarming regularity.

But he’s not the sort of fellow to save for the future. Especially if it’s unlikely to involve the proud but shy giant he’s never managed to seduce.

Nearly broke and with a long winter stretching before him, Safir’s only amusement is collecting trinkets for the clever magpie that visits his chamber each night.


Morien isn’t the sort to give up his dreams—or his virginity—for just anyone. Especially a charming rogue of a sell-sword who thinks only of the present moment.

No matter how many shiny baubles the scoundrel might bestow upon him.

But when he finds himself stranded at a remote farm with Arthur’s band of warriors, Morien realizes that tempting Safir with his virtue might be his best chance of hiding his other secret.

The one whose exposure could endanger his kind, challenge Arthur’s bond with Bedwyr as nothing else has, and scatter the men of their inner circle like seeds before a storm…

…or drive them ever closer to a destiny written in the stars.


Tropes: rogue/virgin, love lessons, secret identity

Content Notes: battle violence, and a main character’s memory of an intimate situation between his adolescent self and an adult. Readers with specific questions are encouraged to contact the author: mia at miawest dot com


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