FREE: Everything!

In 2023, my creative model evolved.

Publishing books used to be my endgame.

But when I started writing, I posted my work online. I loved the community that arose around that, loved the freedom to write shorts, series of different lengths, AUs, crossovers, etc.

Now my focus is on building my story universe in an environment where I can also build community.

So I’ve put all my stuff on AO3, where you can read it free, including my WIP!

I’m finishing Sons of Britain there, and I have several new series blipping away in my brain, along with dozens of shorts that fill in fun moments of my story world.

When they say the universe is expanding, they’re not kidding. 😉


Why the change?

After 10 years of publishing, I realized I get my joy in the slow, delicious discovery of each couple’s story, not in the selling of the final book.

I’m lucky enough to have a second job to pay bills and a very supportive spouse, so that 10-year mark felt like a great time to pivot.


I heard you’re retiring from writing.

Nope! If anything, I’m writing more.

In fact, I share something new at least once a week right now.


Awesome! Where can I dive in?

If you’re an AO3 reader or even just curious, you’ll find everything here.

Pro tip: you can read everything without joining AO3, but if you join (requires email address), you’ll be able to share comments.


What if I want books?

No worries. I still plan to publish each new novel-length work at wide vendors.

Ebooks will be free, as they are now at most online retailers. Amazon doesn’t let us set a price to free, but they’ll sometimes price-match to other retailers. I’ve priced all ebooks at USD 0.99 (99c) in case Amazon lets their price match slip back to paid… which has been happening. Starting in 2024, I won’t be chasing the price match.

Paperback editions will have a price tag because paper.

To explore my current catalog, click here, pick a book, then click the Books2Read button to find your favorite online retailer.