About Mia

So, I have a thing for blacksmiths.

And shifters. And medieval history.

Tropes? Love ’em. Friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, age gap, hurt/comfort, grumpy/sunshine, beauty vs beast, forced proximity.

Also, secrets. Secret crushes, secret relationships, secret identities. Sexy secrets, embarrassing secrets, secrets exposed at the worst possible moment.

You’ll find all of these things in my romance universe. Some stories feel historical, some contemporary. Most are M/M romance, and everything is connected.

If you like strong, stubborn heroes who aren’t gonna change a damn thing until they meet that one guy they might have to give up their secrets for…

You’re in the right place.


My stories are human-created, by me (Mia, known IRL as Shannon).

I plan them in Excel, type them in Scrivener, and proof them with my own (mostly reliable) brain cells.

I don’t use generative AI to create my work. For me, that would take away the joy of discovering each couple’s story, of getting the little zaps of insight that bring everything — and everyone — together.


Need a shorter bio? Here you go:

Mia West writes epic romance, two heroes at a time. Her story universe features warriors and blacksmiths, rescue swimmers and hockey players, treasure hunters and time travelers, and quite a few shifters.

Her favorite hero: a grumpy f*cker who’ll do anything for the man he loves. 🖤


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