Bound by Blood

Bound by Blood

Series: Sons of Britain #2

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He’ll do anything for the man he loves.

Even the unthinkable.


Bedwyr has everything he could want. He’s come back from a devastating injury, and he’s a warrior again, regaining his father’s respect battle by successful battle.

Best of all: he has Arthur. When they aren’t fighting effortlessly side by side, they’re making the most of every secret nook and shadow in the village to celebrate their victories.

And if Cai, his former shieldmate and Arthur’s brother, doesn’t understand the bond Bedwyr now shares with his cub…

What Cai doesn’t know can’t harm them.


Arthur’s been careful—mostly—but when Uthyr summons him one morning, Arthur is certain he and Bed have been found out. Instead, the warlord issues Arthur a challenge that pits him against Cai.

The prize: Uthyr’s house.

Seizing an opportunity to secure Bedwyr’s future, Arthur comes up with a strategy. One that’s bold, daring,…and a little bit insane. But it just might throw Cai off their scent.

If it doesn’t get Arthur banished first.


Tropes: secret relationship, sibling rivalry

Content Notes: violence, homophobia, misgendering of trans character

Edition Note: This story was originally published in 2016 as two novellas, Etched in Stone and Bound by Blood. In 2017, I combined and expanded these works for republication as a novel.


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The scenes between these two just sizzle.
-- Aunt G, Amazon
I honestly didn't know how it could get better... but it did.
-- Samantha, Amazon
I absolutely loved this latest installment... although I have no fingernails left!
-- Geri, Goodreads
There was so much fucking angst but it was worth it.
-- Sam, Goodreads
Another incredible read!!
-- Karen, Goodreads