Stripping His Armor

Stripping His Armor

Series: Shift & Seek #1

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He wants to control the map…but his ex marks the spot.


Dolphin shifter and treasure hunter Vince Ito just got his dream mission: find King Arthur’s sword.

Unfortunately, he also got his mission partner, the one man he ever let past his defenses, only to get wrecked.

Now he has to see the guy every day. Travel with him over his home turf of northern Scotland.

Well, no way is he going to eat with him too. Or share a room with him.

Or crack open the whisky that led to his first intoxicating taste of command.


Hawk shifter and adventure photographer Lachlan McAlistair remembers exactly how it all went down.

And he’ll be damned if he’ll give Vince that kind of power over him again.

Any realist knows there’s no sword to be found. So Lach will play along and collect his check.

No unnecessary time alone with Vince. No chatting, no joking, no reminiscing.

And definitely no admitting he’s developed a craving for Vince’s brand of discipline.


Stripping His Armor is the 1st novel in the Shift & Seek m/m shifter series.


Set your coordinates for a disoriented control freak, a Scot who knows just how to push his buttons, some damn fine whisky, and two guys secretly hoping for a second chance.


Tropes: second chances, opposites attract, forced proximity, fake relationship

Content Notes: This story involves depictions/descriptions of a consensual D/s dynamic; production & consumption of alcohol; firearms & hunting; murder; and attempted murder.


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