Exposing His Secret

Exposing His Secret

Series: Shift & Seek #2

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Keeping secrets is a risky business…but not as dangerous as digging them up.


Otter shifter and geology nerd Shane Richmond can’t believe his luck: the boss is sending him to northern Wales, a haven of mountains and rivers any guy like him would kill to explore. And to find the sword of King Arthur!

Whoever that was.

See, Shane’s got some… gaps. Things everybody seems to know except him. Plus, lately? He’s started having weird dreams about places he’s never been, people he’s never met.

Languages he’s never spoken.

It’s enough to make a guy feel off-kilter. Especially when he meets his mission partner, the kind of ultra-capable otter daddy you just don’t show your weaknesses to.


Hired gun Mike DeLuca’s had enough of the business. One last job, and he’ll have the cash to retire to a quiet cabin in the woods, where he can shift in peace.

Just one complication: his assigned partner’s making it hard to keep his eyes on his objective. The kid keeps surprising him, and Mike doesn’t like surprises. Plus, Shane’s cute. (Way too cute.) And to top it off, sometimes he talks in his sleep.

In French.

It’s enough to spin a guy’s crank. And it’s dredging up a protective instinct he buried a long time ago. Because as many secrets as Mike has, he’s got a bad feeling Shane’s hiding a doozy.


Exposing His Secret is the 2nd novel in the Shift & Seek m/m shifter series.


Tropes: amnesia, forced proximity, bodyguard, grumpy/sunshine, age gap, hurt/comfort

Content Notes: story involves depictions/descriptions of brain injury & healing, amnesia, ableism, alcohol consumption, bondage kink, kidnapping, human remains, physical violence & injury, limb loss, in-hospital treatment, and grief


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