Embrace the Beast

Embrace the Beast

Series: Grizzly Rim #3

Nate Landry is living a whopper of a lie.

He’s an otter shifter, that much is true.

Folks say he’s the best river guide in the region, with an uncanny knack for finding the hottest fishing spots.

And he has a good friend again, a guy he likes more than he should.

Everything will be fine, as long as nobody—especially Mac—finds out he used to be Charlie Beauchamp, a covert-ops rescue swimmer who failed to save the one person he loved most.

Then the real Nate Landry shows up, dragging Charlie’s grief and guilt out of the depths.


McKinley Greer knows how to keep a secret.

Like where a bear shifter might find the best honey trees.

Or why he brews beer but doesn’t drink a drop of it.

Or why the vids he watches at night feature guys who look a helluva lot like his best friend.

But suddenly Nate isn’t Nate—he’s a freaking hero named Charlie—and when he begins to share his own secrets…

It’s only a matter of time before all the things Mac’s stashed in the darkest den of his heart get hauled into the light.


EMBRACE THE BEAST is the 3rd standalone novel in the GRIZZLY RIM m/m shifter series.

Brace yourself for a bear with a sweet tooth, an otter who knows how to use maple syrup, some very sticky sheets, and…well…it’s not called Grizzly Rim for nothin’, y’all.


Tropes: friends to lovers, secret identity, size difference, introvert vs extrovert


Content Notes: This story includes depictions of sibling grief, alcohol sobriety, memory of alcohol abuse, a high-water rescue, and self-harm (cuts and scrapes) as a result of loss of control.


Originally published in 2015 & 2016 as novellas, the Grizzly Rim novel editions were extensively revised and expanded for republication in 2019.

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