Crush Depth

Crush Depth

Series: Rogue Rescue #2

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He has almost everything he could ask for – but he wants more.

Dolphin shifter Pete Sutherland has a problem: he’s in love with his best friend.

Make that two problems: his best friend’s also his cousin.

Okay, three problems: they’re practically brothers.

And even though they live together, play together, serve together on a covert rescue unit, swimming more tightly than any team their commander’s ever seen…

Jay’s just never going to see him as more.

Pete’s in deep. How long can he stay before he gets crushed?


He wants more – but asking for it could mean losing everything.

Jay Ito is the luckiest dolphin shifter alive.

He has a great job, a cool houseboat, and awesome hobbies, and he shares all of them with Pete.

Pete, his best friend.

Pete, who was adopted into Jay’s pod when they were kids.

Pete, who had just lost his whole family and was floating, injured, on the open ocean when Jay discovered him.

They’ve been inseparable ever since, and Jay’s willing not to ask for the one thing they don’t share, even though he dreams of it. Because you don’t question luck.

Not until luck turns on you, threatening to take away the one person you can’t live without.


Tropes: friends to lovers, found family

Content Notes: depictions of sea rescues; memory of parental deaths


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Argh! Such a lovely, lovely friends to lovers story.
-- Kat, Goodreads
Plenty of action, passion, and steam. Couldn't put it down.
-- Nicoletta, Amazon
Good story of evolving and long lasting relationships.
-- Book Addiction, Amazon
Full of laughs, teasing, and sweetness.
-- Shannon, Amazon
If you like a good action filled adventure full of romance and fun then this story is for you.
-- Dmauritzen, Amazon