Into the Fire: The Complete Series

Into the Fire: The Complete Series

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The blacksmith who hid his desire.

The soldier who never knew…until now.


When Rome falls, Marc treks home across the desolation to find everything changed, including his boyhood friend Wolf.

Gone is the big, clumsy lad. In his place at the forge stands a man as skilled as he is shy.

And surely not interested in feeding the spark he’s just lit in Marc’s belly.

One that feels unnervingly like hope.


When Marcus left to fight, Wolf had a secret. One that burned so hot he shoved it down deep.

Now Marc’s back, hardened by war and survival into something only fire could mend.

Wolf knows fire. And every day in Marc’s presence tempts him to use it.

But with the world in chaos, can he risk incinerating them both?


This complete series collection includes all 9 original novellas, plus 2 exclusive short stories — approx 175,000 words total.


Tropes: friends to lovers, reunited, found family, older heroes, opposites attract

Content Notes: This series includes depictions of violence, death, injury & illness, surgery & rehabilitation, ableism, adoption, childbirth, homophobia, and bondage.


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Outstanding series – humor with a huge amount of heart and an author who writes intelligently and compassionately and always, always allows her MCs to come across as strong, capable and loving men – I can’t ask for anything more.
-- Karen, Goodreads
I would happily read and read and read about Marc and Wolf forever. If you like m/m romances and historical romances you will love these books.
-- Jo, Goodreads
This is my all-time favorite love story. Hands down.
-- Mary, Goodreads