Rogue Rescue: The Complete Series

Rogue Rescue: The Complete Series

Series: Rogue Rescue

Saving lives is their mission.
Saving each other will be far more dangerous.


When seal shifter and rescue swimmer Nate decides to shake things up, he proposes a sexy bargain to the man he’s wanted for years. They’re bound for uncharted waters, but if there’s one thing chopper pilot Gil can never do, it’s ignore an order from his favorite lieutenant.

Dolphin shifter Pete has a problem: he’s in love with his rescue partner and best friend, a guy who will never see him as more. But when they’re ordered to apply their natural chemistry to a publicity campaign, playful Jay might have deeper feelings for Pete than either of them realized.

Shark shifter Mackey works alone. The last thing he needs is a rescue partner, especially one as reckless as fellow shark Trick. The guy needs discipline, and Mackey’s willing to break him down. But doing a thorough job of it could threaten his own carefully constructed defenses.


This collection includes all 3 series novels – approx. 171,000 words total.


Book 1: opposites attract, colleagues to lovers, secret relationship, naughty bargain

Book 2: friends to lovers, found family

Book 3: rivals to lovers, beauty vs beast, hurt/comfort


Content Notes
Book 1: depictions of caring for a parent with cognitive decline; sea rescues; and a missing person situation

Book 2: depictions of sea rescues, and memory of parental deaths

Book 3: internal & external ableism; graphic injury; depictions of sea rescues; killing of wild sharks; killing in self-defense; memory of parental death

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