Grizzly Rim: The Complete Series

Grizzly Rim: The Complete Series

Series: Grizzly Rim

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The men of Grizzly Rim are a lot of things.
Always human isn’t one of them.


After three tours, two new legs, and one long-overdue divorce, Logan is counting on a distraction-free wilderness trip. He doesn’t expect to meet his match in John, the tall drink of water serving as his guide…and who’s secretly an eagle shifter.

After grumpy wolf shifter Dmitri collides with hockey star and wolf shifter Thierry in a local match, the intimidating pup is bent on exposing Dmitri’s underbelly… and everything else that’s gone soft.

Otter shifter Nate is living a whopper of a lie. Everything will be fine, as long as nobody—especially grizzly shifter Mac—finds out he used to be an elite rescue swimmer who failed to save the one person he loved most.


This collection includes all 3 series novels – approx. 167,000 words total.


Book 1: single dads, forced proximity, hurt/comfort

Book 2: age gap (39/27), grumpy vs playful, fated mates, forced proximity

Book 3: friends to lovers, secret identity, size difference, introvert vs extrovert


Content Notes
Book 1: memory of parental death, depiction of combat injuries & physical therapy, internal & external ableism, and teens making bad decisions

Book 2: sports violence (hockey), and unreliable parents

Book 3: depictions of sibling grief, alcohol sobriety, memory of alcohol abuse, a high-water rescue, and self-harm (cuts and scrapes) as a result of loss of control

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