TMW 5 Imperfection

bk cover - TMW5 - Imperfection v3 200x300IMPERFECTION (Tell Me When #5)

Novelette (11,000 wds) ⋅ Paranormal ⋅ LGBTQ ⋅ Erotic

According to Tell, Bryn has never been sexier. But a life-changing injury has Bryn questioning everything about herself, especially the talent for seduction so important to her job. On one thing they agree: she needs a good challenge to prove she’s still got it.

Bryn risks a deadly destination—Constantinople at the onset of the Black Plague—and must convince Tell that she isn’t on a suicide mission. But when she discovers in that city a clue to her past she didn’t even know was missing, Bryn realizes her own home may be the most dangerous place of all.

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