TMW 4 Inquisition

bk cover - TMW4 - Inquisition v3 200x300INQUISITION (Tell Me When #4)

Novelette (12,000 wds) ⋅ Paranormal ⋅ LGBTQ ⋅ Erotic

Bryn and Tell are charting new waters, discovering all kinds of sexy territory together. That they have to keep their explorations hidden from Cross only adds to the fun. When Cross presents an artifact that should take Bryn to the royal court of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain—patrons of exploration—it seems a perfect fit for Bryn’s current state of mind.

But when she lands amid the Spanish Inquisition, Bryn must correct course. Imprisoned under suspicion of witchcraft, Bryn decides to use the Inquisitors’ repressed fervor to her erotic advantage. Can she achieve her release and make it home to Tell with their secrets intact?

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