Stranded 3 Compelled

bk cover - Stranded 3 - Compelled - 250x375COMPELLED (a Stranded novella)

Novella (26,000 wds) ⋅ Contemporary ⋅ Erotic

Note: This book is not currently available for sale.

Curvy actress Kat is tired of being invisible to casting directors. Discouraged and desperate, she’s come to Thailand to seek the plastic surgery she thinks will help her get the lead roles she dreams of.

Always-prepared biologist Neil is not prepared to get stranded on a remote Thai island with a gorgeous woman. Even worse, she seems dead set on altering a body that’s perfect just as it is.

Faced with a week before the next ferry, they propose a series of lessons. For Kat, the wonders of physiology; for Neil, people skills that won’t get him punched. But when the teaching becomes hands-on, will a week be long enough to fully explore the possibilities?

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