Stranded 2 Confined

bk cover - Stranded 2 - Confined - 250x375CONFINED (a Stranded novella)

Novella (21,000 wds) ⋅ Contemporary ⋅ Erotic

Note: This book is not currently available for sale.

The one thing that got Megan through rehab after an accident shattered her leg was the New Zealand backpacking trip she promised herself. Now that she’s finally there, however, something is missing. But when an unexpected snowstorm forces her to shelter in a tiny mountain hut, Meg knows that that “something” is not the beautiful jerk who just beat her to the hut’s only bunk.

Reeling from his mother’s death and overwhelmed by expectations that he’ll take over her business, Nick lets friends talk him into a tour of the South Pacific. When their idea of a perfect vacation turns out to be drunk nights and bleary mornings, with forgettable hookups in between, Nick escapes to a quiet place where he can handle the grief his own way. And it might have worked if a freak storm hadn’t brought with it a prickly know-it-all who hated him on sight.

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