Launch the Hunt

Launch the Hunt

Series: Grizzly Rim #1

This title has been unpublished to make way for an expanded novel edition, to  be released in September 2019.

More John. More Logan. More to love. 😉


Eagle shifter John Tillman can almost taste freedom.

He never expected to raise his kid sister. She’s worth the sacrifices he’s made—education, career, lovers—but the empty nest is calling his name.

To save her college fund, John’s taking every run his plane can handle and doing his best to keep his shifting under the radar.

Then his latest job walks into the bar with a strange gait and velvety Southern drawl.


Army veteran Logan Maddox has given a lot for freedom.

He’s no hero, just a guy trying to adapt to new parameters. If he isn’t fully living the gay identity he’s finally accepted…well, it’s not top priority.

After three tours, two new legs, and one long-overdue divorce, Logan has zeroed in on a single objective: a trip into Alaska’s back country, no distractions.

But fate has its own tactics, and the only pilot available to guide him looks like a recruitment ad for Alaska’s hottest unit.


It’s not all steamy hookups as the men lay out their baggage and develop a connection among the trees. For readers interested in something a bit more explicit, this paranormal romance will do the trick.
-- Library Journal
[West] immediately drew me in to Logan and John’s story, and I had to know more from the very beginning!
-- Jenn, Goodreads
[West’s] world building is excellent and the characters are complex … I highly recommend this new series with 5 of 5 hearts!
-- Morgan, The Kimi Chan Experience
Both John and Logan have interesting backstories, and I particularly liked how Logan’s disability was realistically featured in all aspects of his journey into the Alaskan wilderness as well as how it impacted his sexual self. … 5 stars for a sexy and very entertaining read!
-- Maria Rose, Goodreads
This gets my vote as the most heartwarming read for me this year.
-- Elizabeth, Goodreads

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