Into the Fire 9 Burnish

bk cover - IF 9 - Burnish - 250x375BURNISH (Into the Fire #9)

Novelette (13,000 wds) ⋅ Historical ⋅ LGBTQ ⋅ Erotic

As they help their grandsons navigate their first steps into manhood, Marc and Wolf discover that putting the final polish on a life crafted together can still reveal the unexpected.

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What Readers Are Saying…


“The tenderness and depth of love these men have for one another and their families cannot fail to touch even the coldest of hearts.” — Karen, Goodreads

“Poignant, emotive, fluid and richly coloured…” — Alp, Goodreads

“My heart was beating so hard toward the end if this book I thought it might just give out.” — Jo, Goodreads

“Marc and Wolf will forever be etched on my heart as one of my favourite m/m couples!” — Geri, Goodreads


“Thought I might find you here.”

Marc looked up from his clenching fists to find Wolf rounding the path. With a quiet grunt, he settled on the grass beside Marc.

They sat near one of the lookout posts. The post itself lay at the very top of the hill with a full view of the surrounding terrain. Just now, in early spring, the tall tufty grass still lay bent by the blanket of snow and ice that had covered it all winter. Outcroppings of rock dotted the steep hills as if dropped by the gods in passing. He and Wolf leaned against one such outcrop. The village lay behind and below the hill, protected from the worst of the wind in winter. From the look of the iron-tinged clouds gathering, they might see a few snowflakes this night. The patrol would set out the next morning, regardless.

“Tiro stopped by the smithy,” Wolf said quietly.

He sat with his forearms on his knees. His sleeves, rolled permanently to the elbow, revealed the knotty muscle indicative of his work. His big, gnarled hands, always somewhat black in their creases, were sootier now than usual, as was the silver-blond hair on his arms. He’d come up the hill without washing up for the day.

“So he warned you but not me.”

“By his telling, he didn’t have a choice.”

“Loyalty counts for nothing?”

Wolf was silent for a long time before turning his pale eyes to Marc. “Loyalty is everything.”

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