Into the Fire 7 Weld

WELD (Into the Fire #7)

Novelette (16,000 wds) ⋅ Historical ⋅ LGBTQ ⋅ Erotic

After a shattering diagnosis, Marc faces a difficult decision: continue with herbal remedies that barely treat his pain, or risk an operation that, if survived, could forever change his relationship with Wolf and his own identity as a man. Would surgery extend his life only to spell the end of his usefulness?

Or could giving up a part of himself be the most important step he’s ever taken toward strengthening his bond with the man he loves?

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What Readers Are Saying…

“This is my all time favorite love story. Hands down.” — Mary, Goodreads

“I love the relationship between Marcus and Wolf,…that we see all these changes and growth they have gone through…” — Anneryscas, Amazon

“I would happily read and read and read about Marc and Wolf forever. If you like m/m romances and historical romances you will love these books.” — Jo, Goodreads

“It felt as if I were under the knife, poised for the sting of the blade – pain and pleasure in equal measure – relief so tantalizingly close … and then Wolf places my heart between his hammer and his anvil and strikes – OMG! … Reading this series is like making love in the dark.” — Alp, Goodreads


Matthias’s studious gaze took in Marc’s whole body, so that he became aware, uncomfortably, of every way in which he was betraying his pain.

He straightened his spine and tried to ease the set of his shoulders. Loosened his hands until they lay folded in his lap.

Matthias noticed. Of course he did. He always had. “Has it grown, this lump?”

Wolf stood behind Marc, and while his presence was a comfort, it also felt like a weight. “Yes. It’s doubled in the past two months.”

“Right. And Marga’s been treating your pain?”

He described the remedies the healer had been forcing on him.

Matthias frowned. “Those won’t help.”

“They will.”

“Have they yet?”

He wished he could have said they had, but the truth was that he was still waiting to see some result, some positive change. Less pain, for starters.

“They’re not even reducing your pain?” The boy truly had a way of reading a face.

Marc had probably taught him that skill. He schooled his features. “I can live with pain.”

“You shouldn’t have to. Father, I worked with a man in Tumba, an excellent physician. People traveled from good distances to be treated by him. He said that in cases like yours, the best course is often surgery.”



Marc stood, his chair rattling behind him. “You aren’t cutting me open, and neither is anyone else.”

Matthias stood as well, ready to argue.

“You’re a healer, not a butcher,” Marc said to his son. “Change the course of remedies. Use your mind and find something Marga hasn’t.”

Matthias stared at him for a long moment, but Marc had trouble interpreting what lay behind.

This matured version of his son was going to be a challenge.

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