Into the Fire 6 Fracture

FRACTURE (Into the Fire #6)

Novella (18,000 wds) ⋅ Historical ⋅ LGBTQ ⋅ Erotic

Wolf’s carefully crafted world is cracking around him. Matthias, now seventeen, wants to leave the stronghold to study in a distant city. In the smithy, Britte is distracted, hardly able to forge a nail without splintering it. Even Marcus is acting strange, willing to give pleasure and comfort but deflecting Wolf’s efforts to do the same.

Marc’s rigorously trained body has developed a weak point. More than a strained muscle this time but nothing he can’t handle, especially since his son has chosen this moment to break ranks. Busy quelling Wolf’s worry, he ignores the growing chink in his own armor. But when Wolf finally breaches his defenses, Marc must admit he faces a battle he may not be able to fight alone.

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What Readers Are Saying…

“Outstanding series – humor with a huge amount of heart and an author who writes intelligently and compassionately and always, always allows her MCs to come across as strong, capable and loving men – I can’t ask for anything more.” – Karen, Goodreads

“I love these men!! Seeing them grow together as one and as a family is something I look forward to with each and every book!” — Dallas Mae, Goodreads

“…a beautiful story that’s impossible to put down until the end—and even then the reader is left wanting just a bit more.” — Mary, Goodreads

“Moving, potent and real in any year. A true love story that continues to grow stronger.” — Kellie, Facebook

“…this series gets better and better – Fracture takes things to a new level because the palette of characters which Mia has created just gets stronger and stronger.” — Alp, Goodreads

“Yummy. Touching. Awesome. A must read series.” — Jo, Goodreads

“Simply brilliant – I remember all the reasons I fell in love with Marc and Wolf.” — Geri, Goodreads


“Come up here.”

“In a moment.” Ignoring the impatient sigh above his head, Wolf smoothed his palms over the hard muscle of Marc’s thighs. Leaning in, he laid bare teeth to the tender skin under one thumb. When he glanced up, he found Marc frowning at him.

“Give me those lips, smith.”

“I am,” he mumbled against Marc’s leg. Opening his jaw, he applied just enough pressure to make Marc shift.

“That’s not what I mean, fool. Kiss me.”

He did.

“On my mouth.”

Wolf eased up to where a certain prick beckoned him with insistent twitches. It could wait. He was more interested in the treasure below, the stones hanging in their dark sac, like a gift waiting to be claimed.

Claim them he would.

He sucked one into his mouth. Marc’s thighs tensed under his hands, and he grunted, and Wolf let the sound spur him on. Pressing his nose into Marc’s heat, he closed his eyes and pulled on the testicle with his tongue. Marc grunted again, and with a greed he only ever felt here, with this man, Wolf took the second stone into his mouth. Marc’s fingers drove into his hair. Wolf hummed, sucked, tugged—

The fingers in his hair clutched hard.

Too hard.

Wolf looked up. Marc’s brows were drawn, but not with lust.

He pulled off. “What is it?” He lifted Marc’s balls, but they looked the same as always. Still, Marc grabbed his wrist.

“Don’t. They hurt.”

“You get struck?”

Marc shook his head. “Probably strained something.”

Most likely. Marc trained nearly as hard as the rest of his men. “You should let—”

“Come here.”

With that strength that sometimes surprised him, Marc pulled him up the bed.

Wolf grinned down at him. “You just want that kiss.”

Marc’s dark eyes narrowed, but the lines at their corners were playful. “I’ve said as much. Repeatedly.”

“Well, then.”

He took Marc’s mouth and was rewarded immediately by heat, moans, the swipe of a strong tongue, the scrape of teeth—

And a knock at the door.

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