Club Grimm 01 His Huntsman

bk cover - CG 1 - His Huntsman - 250x375HIS HUNTSMAN (Club GriM/M #1)

Serial ⋅ Paranormal ⋅ LGBTQ ⋅ Erotic

Note: This serial is currently on hiatus.

Despite being one of the most skilled partners in Club Grimm’s unique sex therapy program, Gabriel is broken, haunted by fantasies he’s never admitted to anyone. His worst fears come true when he’s paired with Mark, a new client whose fantasies seem tailor-made to push Gabriel’s most secret boundaries.

With dread coiled in his gut, Gabriel accepts his first assignment with Mark: a simulated kidnapping. A Snow White scenario shouldn’t be dangerous for a man accustomed to wearing a mask. But from their first meeting, Mark spots a kindred soul under the huntsman’s camouflage. When the dark forest exposes darker desires, whose heart will ultimately be sacrificed?

His Huntsman is the 1st of 3 parts featuring Gabriel and Mark.

Content Notice: Club GriM/M depicts characters exploring their sexual fantasies, many of which fall on the dark end of the scale. The three parts of Gabriel and Mark’s story will explore abduction, captivity, and rape fantasies (in that order). All sexual interactions between characters are consensual.

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