Club Grimm 02 His Beast

bk cover - CG 2 - Beast - 250x375HIS BEAST (Club GriM/M #2)

Serial ⋅ Paranormal ⋅ LGBTQ ⋅ Erotic

Note: This serial is currently on hiatus.

Cursed by his own weakness, Gabriel has taken on a dangerous role. Hiding behind fur and fang, he struggles to create an erotic experience for a man who’s become more than just a client, without exposing the desires that claw at his own heart. But when bondage goes wrong, Gabriel is certain that Mark will abandon the savage in the forest, where he belongs.

Mark’s second encounter with Gabriel is a dark fairy tale fantasy come true—almost. Captive in a remote castle, and bound by knots tied by the Beast himself, Mark senses in his lonely captor a need barely restrained. When an unguarded moment shows him the key to the spell that holds Gabriel hostage, Mark must choose between a safe happy ending or a more meaningful one that could leave both men scarred.

His Beast is the 2nd of 3 parts featuring Gabriel and Mark.

Content Notice: Club GriM/M depicts characters exploring their sexual fantasies, many of which fall on the dark end of the scale. The three parts of Gabriel and Mark’s story will explore abduction, captivity, and rape fantasies (in that order). All sexual interactions between characters are consensual.

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