Club Grimm Series

bk cover - CG 1 - His Huntsman - 250x375CLUB GRIM/M: An Erotic Serial

Serial ⋅ Paranormal ⋅ LGBTQ ⋅ Erotic

Note: This serial is currently on hiatus.

Welcome to Club Grimm…

Leave your shame at the door. Here members kink it up amid lush recreations of the world’s most beloved tales, and everyone leaves sated, happy, and whole. But a few will be invited to venture beyond the glossy veneer into the shadow-bound hearts of those ancient tales, to walk the paths long ago deemed too sordid for bedtime.

This is Grimm’s hush-hush sex therapy program, where the simulated settings are more real than players know, and the lessons are our our oldest truths: every story has two sides, stakes are meant to be raised, and “ever after” is a very long time.

Club Grimm features M/M heroes and their sexual fantasies. The first three-part arc features Gabriel and Mark:

Content Notice: Club GriM/M depicts characters exploring their sexual fantasies, many of which fall on the dark end of the scale and may include abduction, captivity, pain tolerance, humiliation, and rape. All sexual interactions between/among characters in the Club GriM/M series are consensual. See individual book descriptions for details.