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FRACTURE (Into the Fire #6)

Novella (18,000 wds) | Historical | GLBT | Erotic

Wolf’s carefully crafted world is cracking around him. Matthias, now seventeen, wants to leave the stronghold to study in a distant city. In the smithy, Britte is distracted, hardly able to forge a nail without splintering it. Even Marcus is acting strange, willing to give pleasure and comfort but deflecting Wolf’s efforts to do the same.

Marc’s rigorously trained body has developed a weak point. More than a strained muscle this time but nothing he can’t handle, especially since his son has chosen this moment to break ranks. Busy quelling Wolf’s worry, he ignores the growing chink in his own armor. But when Wolf finally breaches his defenses, Marc must admit he faces a battle he may not be able to fight alone.

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*** Note: Weld (Book 7) is also available now, but its description is spoiler-y for Fracture. Just know that it’s waiting for you when you need it. 😉

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