Launching in March:

ClubGrimm-FinalLogo-450x450Club Grimm

Welcome to Club Grimm: check your shame at the door. Here members kink it up amid lush recreations of the world’s most beloved tales, and everyone leaves sated, happy, and whole. But a few will be invited to venture beyond the glossy veneer into the shadow-bound hearts of those ancient tales, to walk the paths long ago deemed too sordid—too brutal—for bedtime. In simulations that border on uncanny reality, these flawed explorers will discover our oldest truths: every story has two sides, stakes are meant to be raised, and “ever after” is a very long time.

Romance Categories: paranormal, GLBT, erotic

Books: novelettes featuring M/M heroes and their fantasies. All sexual interactions are consensual. The first 4-book arc features Gabriel and Mark:

Hunt Me (#1) | Bind Me (#2) | Force Me (#3) | Rescue Me (#4)

Excerpt & links coming soon!