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HONE (Into the Fire #5)

When the time nears for Matthias to become an apprentice, Marcus tries to claim him for the fighting corps. Not to be outmaneuvered, Wolf demands the boy spend equal time in the blacksmith’s workshop. A heated argument becomes a tipsy reminiscence of their own training, and Wolf and Marc concoct exactly the sort of idea fueled by long winter nights and too much ale.

Inspired by the master-apprentice tradition, the two men embark on a private exchange of guidance and discipline, instruction and experimentation, and practice, practice, practice. But what begins as a playful sharpening of skills soon lays bare the core of their partnership: the strength, durability, and resilience that have bound them for years – qualities they’ll need if Marc is going to accept his son’s true calling, and Wolf acknowledge the unconventional apprentice he’s been training all along.

Novella (21,000 wds) | Historical | GLBT | Erotic

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For wolf shifter Dmitri Sernov, life bites. His late-night hunts leave him winded, the twelfth rewrite of his novel is crap, and his last good lay was five drafts ago. He’s staring down forty with a creative well as empty as his bed. The last thing he needs is a beautiful, intimidating, obnoxious pup bent on exposing Dmitri’s underbelly… and everything else that’s gone soft.

Thierry Marrou has burned every bridge from Montréal to Juneau. Once a prospect for Canada’s Olympic hockey team, he’s just been kicked off a piddling local squad in Nowhere, Alaska. But one whiff of the silver wolf on the opposing bench was enough to confirm that the erotic dreams drawing Thierry across a continent have a very real—and very cranky—source.

Novel (43,000 wds) | Paranormal | GLBT | Erotic

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