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Welcome to Club Grimm: leave your shame at the door. Here members kink it up amid lush recreations of the world’s most beloved tales, and everyone leaves sated, happy, and whole. But a few will be invited to venture beyond the glossy veneer into the shadow-bound hearts of those ancient tales, to walk the paths long ago deemed too sordid for bedtime.

This is Grimm’s hush-hush sex therapy program, where the simulated settings are more real than players know, and the lessons are our oldest truths: every story has two sides, stakes are meant to be raised, and “ever after” is a very long time.

Romance Categories: paranormal, GLBT, erotic

Books: serialized novellas featuring M/M heroes and their fantasies. Each novella will be released as an ebook upon conclusion of its serialization. The first three-novella arc begins with His Huntsman.

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